AAA Mortgage Training

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Lets have fun and check off the CE requirements at the same time, Alan Griffin instructor, see our course reviews!

Instruction is presented on the following four (4) modules of content to meet the SAFE Act requirement:

  1. Non-Traditional Mortgage
  2. Ethics Consumer Protection and Fraud in the Mortgage Industry
  3. Federal Law and Regulations
  4. Kentucky Law

Course Learning Objectives:

  • Understand and apply TRID disclosure timelines, tolerances and change of circumstance
  • Evaluate Loan Officer (LO) Compensation requirements under Truth in Lending Regulation Z 
  • Understand Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (CFPB) and MCC Examination Violations
  • Discuss reverse mortgage programs as non-traditional mortgage products
  • Understand the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) reverse mortgage and advertising focus
  • Understand fraud, its impact and current fraud trends in the mortgage industry
  • Know the limitations on total net income to originating entity (KRS 286.8-125).
  • Understand the requirements for proper advertising standards. Express how all advertising, even in individual websites and social media, is required to note employer and include the proper NMLS numbers of both the MLO and employer.
  • Articulate the duties required to be performed in the “mortgage lending process” as defined in KRS 286.8-010(17) and that they are required to be performed at a licensed location

End of course learning games solidifies the learning experience with a fun explanation point, contact us to schedule your event now!