Nevada 30 Hour Comprehensive Course Bundle with Test Prep and 4 Hour NV Law Included

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Nevada 30 hour course bundle includes, 20 hour SAFE course, test preparation plan, 4 hour NV law and 6 hours of additional electives.

We recommend a simple four (4) step process.

  1. Complete the 20 hour comprehensive course with the uniform state test (UST) content in 2-14 days
  2. Use our powerful proved test preparation process typically over 5-15 days of diligent work after completing step 1. Pass the NMLS exam on your first attempt.
  3. Take your NV 4 hour state specific education after passing the NMLS exam since NV law is not on the test, and
  4. Take 6 hours elective courses as chosen with your instructor to deliver the most value based on your career objectives, apply for your license! Limited to 2 courses for the 6 hours such as for example the AZ 4 hour and CA 2 hour, extra hours or more than 2 courses to total 6 hour incur a $20 per course or per hour surcharge.

Click “add to cart, enter your start date at check out in the “delivery date” field and enter into the “notes” field any other information such as the students name and email address if you are purchasing course for a third party.

Step 1: 20 Hour Comprehensive Course Completed in 2-14 days

Complete this engaging multi-media, narrated course where and when you choose, mornings, afternoons, nights and weekends. Enjoy this engaging learning experience which includes, chat access to instructor most hours of the week, interactive exercises, learning games and real life examples assigned in 6 modules. Learners complete the assigned content during the period allotted to complete each module based on the course length chosen. Choose your course schedule that fits in your schedule as short as 2 or as long as 14 days in length. Our lead instructor has unrivaled experience and is ALWAYS available, again, see our reviews below!

This 20 Hour SAFE course along with our progressive, comprehensive test prep path prepares state licensed mortgage loan originators (MLOs) to sit for the SAFE MLO National Component Test and pass on their first attempt. Upon successful completion of this class, the SAFE Act requirement for twenty (20) hours of Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS) approved education is met.

Delivered in six (6 ) modules of content, this twenty (20) hour comprehensive course has a scheduled start and end date and time, and is available from any location as long as an internet connection is available.

After class registration, students receive a “Course Assignment Notification” to the email address that is provided. This notification provides the information required to successfully sign-in-to the Online Instructor Led course through the LMS, and include such information as, user account information, the title of the course, the date and time the course begins and ends.

The AAA Mortgage Training Instructor is available at all times during the class times by email, discussion forums, chat application, text message and phone as needed. Your instructor, serves as your content expert and testing mentor, until you pass your NMLS National Content Exam! We have helped thousands pass on their first attempt.

This course contains content closely mirroring the national component test content outline. Your experienced and knowledgeable instructor guides through this comprehensive course. Additionally the course includes unlimited online test preparation including access to narrated multimedia presentations, learning games, and unlimited practice testing.

Step 2: SAFE 20 MLO Test Preparation Included

This comprehensive suite of services, provides motivated individuals the essential tools to pass the NMLS National Component Exam even if there has been a significant period of time since taking the 20 hour prelicensing class. We provide a money back guarantee, review all of the course content, utilize and pass each and every provided practice test, learning game and quiz at least once, and if you fail the actual exam, email us your results and get a full refund of the money you paid for this part of your package of this extremely comprehensive and effective test preparation course.

This portion of the course is the test prep portion after you have completed the NMLS approved content.

This course includes access to:

  1. Searchable 300-page document of reference material
  2. Charts, forms, product summaries and other reference documents
  3. Interactive games
  4. Unlimited practice exams and topic quizzes from pools of questions containing 2000 unique questions
  5. Detailed explanation of why the correct answer is right and why the incorrect answers are wrong, to help you continue  to improve

Step 3: 4 hour NV SAFE Nevada Online State Law PE NMLS Approved #11225

Step 4: 6 hours of elective course custom crafted to deliver the most value to you as discussed with your instructor.

Step 3 Details NMLS Approved Nevada 4 Hour Prelicense Course Online Self Study

This professionally narrated course opens for student access as fast as you can add to cart and checkout.

This NMLS approved narrated (this might be the only NV prelicense course with audio, which helps learners stay on task and complete quickly and easily) course number#11225: 4 Hour Nevada SAFE: Online NV State Law Pre-Licensing Elective  is delivered in two (2) modules of content. This type of instruction combines the best of both worlds, access to a trainer via chat, email text or phone to offr the support similar to live classroom training with the flexibility of online self-driven learning.  You have access to your course to complete on your schedule at your convenience complete with professional narration, interactive exercises and learning games, practice quizzes.

Our online courses are designed for your success:
1. You get 3 attempts at the final assessment and we send an mail if one does not pass, providing the question, your answer, the correct answer and an explanation
2. There are learning games with the same questions in the course, and
3. A searchable PDF you can review, download, even search by keywords such as “fine”

 As required by the NMLS, learners finish the class by passing a final, end of course assessment. (Rigged for your success, since you practice with our fun learning games)

Step 4: Complete 6 elective hours as discussed with your instructor

Course access will be in our learning center click “course login” at the top of this website once set up in the system use your email address as your user name and a unique password created by our website (usually your NMLS number).

NMLS Credit Banking Fees are included in our price.


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