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10620 3 Hour HI SAFE Hawaii Online State Law PE NMLS Approved

$129.99 $75.99

Hawaii (HI) 3 Hour Prelicensing Education (PE) Course is NMLS approved and offered daily for loan originator and loan officer licensing.

There is still time to buy and complete this course today, or take the course any day you choose, we deliver everyday, including holidays!

This course opens for student access as early as 8am with completion expected by course closing time at 8pm. (PST) Complete the whole course on your scheduled date, anytime between 8AM and 8PM. Different, custom course hours are available upon request.

The IHawaii 3 hour PE course, contains professional audio narration and interactive learning games to make the course engaging and “less tedious”, it is training after all, so lets keep our expectations of fun to a manageable level, but count on great service!

This NMLS pending approval course number 3 Hour HI SAFE Hawaii Online State Law PE is delivered in two (2) modules of content over a scheduled start and end time 8AM to 8PM MST with custom course times available upon request.  This type of instruction combines the best of both worlds, the interaction and trainer support of live classroom training with the flexibility of online self-driven learning.  You have access to your course for the full 12 hours, with interactive exercises, practice quizzes and discussion blogs. Instruction is focused between instructor and student interaction and student to student interaction through the use of our thought inspiring course blogs.  As required by the NMLS, learners finish the class by passing a final, end of course assessment.

Price INCLUDES NMLS credit banking fees, there are NOT any additional fees.

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Review By Tomas Johnson  on   07-24-2019

Strongly agree   Agree   Neither agree nor disagree   Disagree   Strongly disagree  
A2)   yes
A3)   speed
A4)   nothing

Review By Kaitlyn Austin  on   04-18-2019

Strongly agree   Agree   Neither agree nor disagree   Disagree   Strongly disagree  
A2)   Yes, this course was very informative and relatively easy to complete.
A3)   I enjoyed the interactive quizzes
A4)   The time it took up - but that has nothing to do with this course specifically.
A5)   Answers on quizzes sometimes do not fit in the boxes, making it hard to choose the correct answer
A6)   no suggestions