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SAFE 7 Core and SAFE 8 Comprehensive Courses

These 7 hour core courses and 8 hour comprehensive courses meets the state requirements in one of two ways.
1. 8 hour comprehensive course meets many state’s CE requirements alone. This course serves as a foundation with some states that require more than 8 hours, with the additional hours added onto the MLO’s educational plan. One example is NY requiring a total of 11 hours, 8 hour comprehensive + 3 hours NY law
2. 7 Hour Core course taken with a 1 hour state law course to meet a state’s requirement for the 1 hour elective to be taken on that state law. Example CA-DBO licensees, need 8 hours total, 1 hour CA-DBO course on CA law and a 7 hour core course as a minimum or an 8 hour comprehensive course as needed for an additional state.

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