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Nevada Prelicensure Education

Most MLO’s complete their course in an online format, we do deliver live classroom and webinar training upon request as well, click contact us at the top right of the page to start making arrangements. New originators license applicants, we have a 4 step process to enable a passing score on your first attempt for the NMLS exam, so you can quickly and efficiently begin your new career. Nevada has a 30 hour prelicense requirement with 4 hours required on NV law.
1. Choose the NMLS Approved Nevada 30 Hour Comprehensive Course Bundle with Test Prep and 4 Hour NV Law and at checkout enter your start date and your desired schedule length in days for the 20 hour course, options range from 2 days to a maximum of 14 days. Complete the 20 hour prelicense course.
2. Use our included test preparation program that includes a host of resources, most learners need 1-3 weeks of test prep, then pass the NMLS exam.
3. Complete the NV 4 hour course after passing the exam, since the National exam does NOT test you on Nevada law.
4. Take 6 elective hours often meeting other state licensing requirements, select your course(s) with your instructor.

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