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SAFE 20 Hour Courses

Mortgage loan originators seeking a new license follow a simple three step plan to meet education and testing requirements:
1 Complete one of our SAFE 20 hour courses
2 Use our comprehensive test preparation program included with your course to pass the National Component Exam with the Uniform State Test (UST)
3. Take any state specific law education required (if any) in each jurisdiction in which you seek a license

Choose Your Course Format

There are three formats approved by the NMLS for Mortgage Loan Originator Prelicensure Education.
A. Almost 75% of all learners take the most convenient method, the Online Instructor Led (OIL) format the student has a mostly self directed linear progression of the course according to a set schedule with instructor access and interaction during set hours. The student can log in at their convenience. Learners progress according to the course schedule, course schedules vary from 2-12 days in length. (Our instructors are available every day including nights and weekends)
B. Classroom Equivalent AKA webinar with the instructor and student present at the same time on a internet based video conference usually for group training
C. Classroom where both the instructor and student are present at the same location and time usually at a corporate location for a group, our trainers come to you!

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Prelicensure Education and Testing Requirements:

If you already have an MLO license, skip to “State Specific Requirements” below. Generally new mortgage loan originator license applicants meet the three following steps.

  1. Complete a SAFE 20 Hour Course, nearly 75% of new licensees complete the online version for cost and convenience reasons, with the remaining completing the course in a webinar with mandatory set hours and times to meet online at the same time with your instructor and other students, or a classroom where both instructor and student are present.
  2. Prepare for and pass the NMLS national Component Exam with Uniform State Test (UST). Nearly 50% of test takers fail on their first attempt, but you can make certain that doesn’t happen to you as our course includes a powerful and effective test preparation component with unlimited use and instructor access until you pass, click the course(s) below to discover more.
  3. Meet the state specific education and or testing requirements for your desired state(s). Many but not all states have a state specific education requirement, if you need a course NOT listed above, complete the form on the bottom of the page and we will refer you to an affiliated school who has the course.

National Continuing Education Requirements

Licensed mortgage loan originators need to complete 8 hours of annual continuing education every year, except for the year of original prelicensure education (PE). Courses must contain the following hours as a minimum.

  1. Three (3) hour on Federal Law
  2. Two (2) hours on nontraditional mortgage products.
  3. Two (2) hours on fraud, consumer protection and ethics.
  4. One (1) hour elective content.

Some states require more than 8 hours or require the one (1) hour elective content to be on state specific law. All originators need to start meeting the CE requirement by taking a

  1. 8 hour comprehensive course or
  2. 7 hour core course, then as necessary add their state specific courses.

See the “State Specific Requirements” at the top of the page to discover what course(s) if any, you need for your state(s). If you do not see your needed course, complete the form on the bottom of the page and we will send you a link for your course.

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Training Information Request

Complete this form to:

  1. Get a course link sent to you not listed above
  2. See a free course preview of your needed course(s),
  3. To request a classroom, webinar or customized training session for either prelicensure education (PE) or continuing education (CE),
  4. To request a NMLS education plan,
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