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Colorado Prelicensure Education

New originators license applicants, we have a 3 step process to enable a passing score on your first attempt for the NMLS exam, so you can quickly and efficiently begin your new career. Colorado has a 20 hour prelicense requirement with 2 hours required on CO law.
1. Choose the NMLS Approved Colorado 20 Hour Comprehensive Course Bundle with Test Preparation and Colorado 2 Hour Law Courses Included and at checkout enter your start date and your desired schedule length in days for the 20 hour course, options range from 2 days to a maximum of 14 days. Complete the 20 hour prelicense course.
2. Use our included test preparation program that includes a host of resources, most learners need 1-3 weeks of test prep, then pass the NMLS exam.
3. Complete the CO 2 hour course after passing the exam, since the National exam does NOT test you on Colorado law.

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