Free NMLS National Component with Uniform State Test

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  1. Complete presentation of the comprehensive online instructor led course with open navigation so a learner can move freely in the course accessing content on demand addressing all major NMLS content outline items.
  2. Searchable 300 page manuscript of reference material with hyperlinked table of contents, and ability to search by keywords
  3. Charts, forms, disclosures, product summaries and other reference documents
  4. Learning games
  5. Unlimited quizzes by exam topic and subtopics
  6. Audio narrated Key Points Presentation
  7. Unlimited mock exam practice testing, with extensive feedback and other tests designed to simulate the NMLS national exam format
  8. Instructor access included, by chat message, email, text and phone!

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If you have not taken a NMLS approved SAFE (Secure and Fair Enforcement mortgage licensing act) course yet, then you need this course which includes our amazing test prep plan!

Each Product contains our flexible SAFE 20 Hour Online Course, Comprehensive Test Preparation Program and the necessary State Specific law course.

11560Arizona Prelicensure Bundle 20 Hour SAFE Federal with 4hr AZ Law and Test Prep NMLS Approved, $469.99 $335.99
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azpe state-comprehensive-pe arizona
11572Colorado 20 Hour SAFE CO Online State Law PE Comprehensive Course Bundle with Test Preparation, , $459.99 $332.99
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colorado colorado-prelicensure-education state-comprehensive-pe
52257District of Columbia Prelicensure Bundle 20 Hour Online with Test Prep and 3 Hour DC Online Self Study Course, $399.99 $334.49
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district-of-columbia-prelicensure-education state-comprehensive-pe district-of-columbia
11435Florida 20 Hour Prelicensure Bundle with Test Prep and 2 Hr FL PE, $349.99 $332.99
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florida-prelicensure-education state-comprehensive-pe florida
11617Hawaii 20 Hour NMLS Approved 20 Hour SAFE Hawaii Online State Law PE Comprehensive Course Bundle with Test Prep, $449.00 $334.49
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hawaii-prelicensure-education state-comprehensive-pe hawaii
11615Idaho 20 Hour Comprehensive Course Bundle Including NMLS Testing Success Test Preparation Course, , $479.00 $332.99
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idaho idaho-prelicensure-education state-comprehensive-pe
11622Indiana SOS Comprehensive 20 Hour Prelicensing Education Bundle with 2 Hour IN-SOS SAFE: Online State Law PE and Test Preparation Plan, $399.99 $342.99
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indiana-prelicensing-sos-secretary-of-state state-comprehensive-pe indiana
11514Maryland 20 Hour Comprehensive Course Bundle with Test Prep and 5 Hour MD Law Included, , $399.99 $337.49
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maryland maryland-prelicensure-education state-comprehensive-pe
11691Massachusetts 20 Hour SAFE MA Online State Law PE Comprehensive Course Bundle with Test Prep, , , $599.00 $334.49
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massachusetts-prelicensure-education prelicensing-education prelicensingeducation state-comprehensive-pe massachusetts
11620Nevada 30 Hour Comprehensive Course Bundle with Test Prep and 4 Hour NV Law Included, $549.99 $419.99
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nevada-prelicensure-education state-comprehensive-pe nevada
11512North Carolina Prelicensure Bundle 24 Hour SAFE 20Hr Federal+ 4Hr NC Law + Test Prep, , $469.99 $335.99
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north-carolina north-carolina-prelicensure-education state-comprehensive-pe
57362Ohio 24 Hour Comprehensive Course Bundle with Test Prep and OH State Law PE NMLS Approved 12715, $429.99 $335.99
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ohio-prelicensure-education state-comprehensive-pe ohio
11612Oregon 20 hour Comprehensive Course Bundle with Test Prep and OR 4 Hour Course Included, , $459.99 $335.99
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oregon oregon-prelicensure-education state-comprehensive-pe
11427Pennsylvania 20 Hour Comprehensive MLO Course Bundle SAFE 20+3 Hour PA law and Test Prep, , $449.99 $334.99
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pennsylvania-prelicensure-education pa-pe-pa state-comprehensive-pe pennsylvania pa
11700South Carolina BFI Prelicensure Bundle 20 Hour SAFE 20Hr Federal+ 3Hr SC Law + Test Prep, , $449.99 $334.49
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south-carolina-bfi-prelicense-education south-carolina-prelicensure-education state-comprehensive-pe south-carolina
11555South Carolina DCA Prelicensure Bundle 20 Hour SAFE 20Hr Federal+ 3Hr SC Law + Test Prep, , $449.99 $334.49
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south-carolina-dca-prelicense-broker south-carolina-prelicensure-education state-comprehensive-pe south-carolina
11482Texas Prelicensure Bundle 23 Hour SAFE Including TX 3 Hr and Test Prep, , $389.99 $334.49
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11611Washington Prelicensure Bundle 22 Hour SAFE 20Hr Federal+ 4Hr WA Law + Test Prep, $469.99 $335.99
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state-comprehensive-pe washington-prelicensure-education washington
11422National Group Pricing Available, SAFE 20 Hour PE Webinar #6129, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , $549.99 $399.99
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