WA MLO CE 9 Hour Narrated Comprehensive Course Online

Take this 9 hour course bundle, including a narrated 8 hour course #15659 with learning games to pass the time and master the NMLS required final assessment.The 8 hour along with the included WA law 1 hour course #15258 meets your Washington 9 hour total requirement of NMLS approved continuing education. We have other versions of the WA 9 Hour also!

See our learner's course reviews found below each individual course description!

Take your professionally narrated, engaging multi-media CE course today or at your convenience any time you choose.

Online courses rigged for your success:

1. You get 3 attempts and we send an email if one does not pass, we provide a complete quiz report, including the question, your answer and right answers

2. There are learning games with same questions in the course, and

3. A searchable PDF you can review, download, even search by keywords such as "fine"

$13.50 in NMLS credit banking fees included!

We report course completions to the NMLS most often the same day or the next day following completion, congratulations on taking action to get your Washington license renewed, just add this package to your cart, proceed to check out and get started right away at your convenience, technical and content support will not be needed, yet we are standing by for you just in case available days, nights, weekends and holidays too!