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The Florida 2 hour prelicensure course is narrated, with interactive learning games and delivered in two (2) modules of content over a scheduled start and end time and will likely be the best online course you experience until you return for your next AAA Mortgage Training course! This Online Instructor Led (OIL) instruction combines the best of both worlds, the interaction and trainer support of live classroom training with the flexibility of online self-driven learning. You have access to your course for the full 12 hours, with interactive exercises, practice quizzes and discussion blogs. Instruction is focused between instructor and student interaction and student to student interaction through the use of our thought inspiring course blogs. As required by the NMLS, learners finish the class by passing a final, end of course assessment.
Today's course, course hours begin as early as 8am students must complete all course content by 8pm EST, course access emailed immediately, which sometimes takes participants 10-20 minutes to get via their email.
Course access will be in our learning center at with your email address as your user name and a unique password created by our website.

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FL-OFR MLO 2 Hour PE Education OIL

Required Effective January 2017 New MLO License Applicants Complete 2 Hours of NMLS Approved Prelicensure Education on Florida State Specific Content in Place of the Previously Required Florida State Specific Exam, Florida Office of Financial Regulation (FL-OFR) Now Accepts the UST.

This course opens for student access as early as 8AM with completion expected by course closing time at 8PM (EST)

NMLS approved # 6452 Florida Mortgage Loan Originator prelicensure education.

Students may use a variety of computing devices to access this engaging multi-media course. NMLS approved to meet the FL 2 hour prelicensure elective course requirement. Broken into two modules, learners complete each module, an instructor verifies successful completion, including student assignments and releases the next content item(s) for completion.

Florida prelicensing elective necessary for a Mortgage Loan Originator license, through the FL-OFR. This NMLS approved course, includes a dynamic multi-media presentation, including some audio narration guiding you through the course in a timely manner. Go ahead and grab the course and get started at the class start time and get back to productive origination activities fast!