AAA Mortgage Training

Free Limited Use Partial Access to Mortgage Loan Originator (MLO) SAFE National Component Test Preparation

This comprehensive suite of services, provides motivated individuals the essential tools to pass the NMLS National Component Exam.
This is a non-NMLS credit course, if you need a NMLS approved NMLS course, look in the prelicensing category of courses lower on this web page or use the web menu at the top of the page.
This course includes access to:

  1. Complete presentation of the comprehensive online instructor led course with open navigation so a learner can move freely in the course accessing content on demand addressing all major NMLS content outline items.

  2. Searchable 300 page manuscript of reference material with hyperlinked table of contents, and ability to search by keywords

  3. Charts, forms, disclosures, product summaries and other reference documents

  4. Learning games

  5. Unlimited quizzes by exam topic and subtopics

  6. Audio narrated Key Points Presentation

  7. Unlimited mock exam practice testing, with extensive feedback and other tests designed to simulate the NMLS national exam format

  8. Instructor access included, by chat message, email, text and phone!

Ready to just dive in and get started preparing the national exam on your next attempt?