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Group Training Only-SAFE 20 MLO Test Preparation Resources Included:

This NMLS National Component Test Prep package includes a comprehensive suite of services, and provides motivated individuals the essential tools to pass the NMLS National Component Exam on their first attempt. If you took another course and did not pass the MLO exam on your first attempt, this is the product for you. If there has been a significant period of time since taking the 20 hour prelicensing class, this package includes a complimentary audit of our powerful SAFE 20 prelicensing class along with the resources described below. Our money back guarantee, reduces risk, and inspires confidence in giving this product a try. Review all of the course content, utilize each and every provided practice test, learning game and quiz at least once, and if you fail the actual exam, email us your results and get a full refund of the money you paid for this extremely comprehensive and effective test preparation course.
The test preparation portion is extra content in addition to any included NMLS approved course.
This course includes access to:

  1. Complete presentation of the comprehensive online instructor led course with open navigation so a learner can move freely in the course accessing content on demand

  2. Searchable 300 page manuscript of reference material

  3. Charts, product summaries and other reference documents

  4. Forms

  5. Learning games

  6. Topic quizzes with detailed feedback up to 2000 questions

  7. Audio narration

  8. Unlimited practice testing included.

Webinar NMLS Approved SAFE 20 Comprehensive MLO Prelicensing Education

20 hour SAFE comprehensive class webinar, your knowledgeable instructor assists you in your journey through this engaging and interactive class, completed over four days. The course delivers material to learners in 6 modules with a check for understanding after each module. Learners answer polls, ask questions, and use interactive learning exercises to begin mastery of the content, necessary to pass the national component test. Additionally the course includes unlimited online test preparation including access to narrated multimedia presentations, learning games, and unlimited practice testing as described below.
Typically scheduled over 3 or 4 dates, but can be completed in as little as 2 days, with 10 being the most recommended days to schedule a class, complete the below form and request a customized class schedule.
Sample class times:

  • Day 1 9am-1pm

  • Day 2 9am-2pm

  • Day 3 9am-3pm

  • Day 4 12pm-5pm

Student will be granted webinar class access and invitations 24 hours prior to class time, as well as access to online test preparation materials, space is limited, sign up now!
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