Arkansas MLO Pre-licensing Requirements

Arkansas does not have any state specific PE requirements in addition to the initial 20 hours of SAFE education. If you haven’t completed your initial 20 hours of SAFE education, click here to view our 20 Hour SAFE options.

Although Arkansas doesn’t have specific state PE requirements, you are required to pass both the National MLO SAFE Exam and the Arkansas SAFE MLO Exam State Component before your Arkansas MLO license can be issued. Financial Strategies has developed study guides and practice exams to assist you in preparing for the Arkansas SAFE MLO Exam State Component, as well as study materials for the National SAFE MLO Exam.

AR MLO Continuing Education Requirements

If you are already a licensed MLO in the state of Arkansas you don’t need to take PE (unless you have been instructed by the NMLS to do so). You do need to complete at least 8 Hours of NMLS approved continuing education every year following the completion of your PE requirements.

Our 8 Hour SAFE course satisfies these requirements. Click here if you need to complete your continuing education and select the 8 hour course that meets your needs. Remember, you can’t repeat the same course two years in a row! If you can’t recall which course you took last year, give us a call, or shoot us an email!

Arkansas MLO Exam Preparation

If you need help studying for the Arkansas State Component of the SAFE MLO Exam check out our study guides and practice exams offered below.

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